It would be very easy to post a very long list of reasons why I hate going to church, but the main reason is... WHY I HATE GOING TO CHURCH

It would be very easy to post a very long list of reasons why I hate going to church, but the main reason is that “going to Church” is a sad excuse for “being the Church” and those who follow Christ are called to be the Church, not to attend one without the understanding of their identity as Christ (not Jesus) in the bodily form.

In other words, “going to Church” involves having a meeting about Jesus. Whereas “being the Church” involves meeting with Jesus and allowing Him to do the speaking, the teaching, the leading the directing, the instructing and the commissioning. It’s the re-presentation of the Person of Christ in bodily form in the world (Kosmos).

Going to Church is about assigning people specific functions, and often involves compensating them financially to do so, while the majority of people sit to observe them and applaud them.

However, being the Church involves every single person using the gifts that God has provided them with to serve one another, where no one person is considered greater or smarter or more spiritual than anyone else (the Kingdom pattern of Fellowship) . In fact, we’re all equally miserable apart from Christ, so our desire to meet with Him and to hear from Him is magnified because we understand that without Him leading us, and teaching us, and speaking to us, we are completely hopeless.

Jesus did not die for an organization or a business model. Jesus died for a people (ekklesia; the called out ones, the Kingdom Ambassadors) that He could call His own. He wants relationship. He wants love. He wants to be known.

Interestingly, most of us can relate to that, God made us with the ability to know Him, and even placed a craving within us to seek Him out. And we must know and believe that He is not far away. He wants us to find Him.

This is exactly what the New Covenant was all about – “I will be their God and they will be my people.” [Hebrews 8:10]

What people need most today is not religion! What they need is a Life that will lead to a lifestyle of the Kingdom.  They do not need another Church. They need a family, a connection with God who would rather die than live without them.

Forget going to Church without having a reasonable and tangible purpose. Go to Jesus. Be the Church and raise the Banner of Hope. Embrace your identity as the Bride that Jesus died to redeem and draw many children to their Father’s Kingdom.

Learn to hear His voice. He wants to speak to you. He wants you to experience and be the demonstartaor of His Life and lifestyle. That Life is found only through knowing Jesus because He said He’s come to give us that Life more abundantly.

So, as you go to church, don’t ever forget the truth about your identity as the CHURCH OF CHRIST! 


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Samuel Adeosun

Samuel Adeosun Founder (DHM)

SAMUEL Adeosun is a dynamic purpose driven youth. He has been called and ordained to raise and train exceptional leaders from different professions and fields of life via the Kingdom Message. Samuel is a Teen Mentor, spiritual neurologist, spiritual therapist, a writer and a speaker that's passionate about the fruitfulness of seeds in every youth.