Was Jesus really a Christian? And is it actually true that, He came to this world to form a religion called Christianity? What gave... WAS JESUS A CHRISTIAN? PT 2

Was Jesus really a Christian? And is it actually true that, He came to this world to form a religion called Christianity?

What gave birth to this article was a result of my Conversation with a friend recently. And I know a lot numbers of people are also in the same category of misinterpreting the Scriptures and what the Christian life is about.

Follow Me Closely!

Before we launch deep into the ocean, the most important truth you must hold unto is the fact that, Earth is a responsibility. And you are to fulfill that responsibility with a Kind of Life that’s not from the earth.

How do I mean? You are not just here by yourself, Someone somewhere saw the need for your influence on earth. You are not here to toil the planet earth with the knowledge you met here, you are to make use of a Higher Knowledge to carryout your responsibility on earth and that higher knowledge is what I’ve come to share with you today.

Earth has been corrupted by the influence of the deceiver, the devil. He has manipulated and cooked up stories about who Jesus is and so many people have gullibly fallen for his deceit because they are not in a a personal fellowship with the Truth as a Person and not as a teaching.

Let’s Go Deeper!

Jesus, as popularly known by religious people is a Christian and also the originator of Christianity.

Well, contrary to the above opinion or doctrine, I want you to know that, one of the things Jesus was against during His earthly responsibility or mission was religion. Why? Religion is a ravaging disease. It was what the devil presented to man when he fell.

The word religion is from the Latin word religaire” which means to tie back, to hold back. A system of belief that holds back the progress of people’s consciousness. In other words, it a system that’s designed to stop man from engaging his spiritual intelligence capacity to commune with His Maker. So, the man Jesus never came to this world with a religious mindset. Rather, He came as the Higher Knowledge and Life man needs.

2,500 years ago, some religious fanatics called the Hellenists who were
practising Judaism and some elements of Greek culture in the city of Antioch, in the Roman empire saw and called the disciples of Jesus, Christians because, they live after the lifestyle of Jesus Christ both in words and in deeds. They dressed, talk, and lived their lives just like Jesus Christ. However, the amazing part of it was that, these set of disciples never called themselves Christians. Rather, they called themselves; saints, pilgrims, children of light, sons of God.

Ignorantly, the disciples were named Christians as a religious group and the term Christianity as a religion came to being when the the early disciples of Christ were persecuted and new set of Christians emerged and began to worship God from the mindset and perception of their culture and tradition. In other words, they brought their own perception into Christianity till we lost the real essence of Jesus’ mandate on earth.

What then is Christianity if not a religion? It’s a lifestyle as a result of a Higher Life. It’s having the Life of God and conforming to the Image of Jesus the Christ through that Life of God.

Therefore, let’s conclude with this truth that, Jesus was never born a Christian while on earth because the practice of Christianity was not in existence before his birth. And neither did he died to form Christianity. Rather, He came to this world that we might have His Life and also see and experience God’s original makeup of man.

To this end, I bring the real Christianity to you as the Life of God in mortal men. So, let’s stop seeing Christianity as a religion but as a Life we need to live.


Continues tomorrow…

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