Africa as a continent needs to step beyond the line and take time to reason outside the box. The reason most African nations keep... THE DESTINY OF AFRICA!

Africa as a continent needs to step beyond the line and take time to reason outside the box. The reason most African nations keep going to the United Nations and other international organization for aids and grants is irresponsibility which now looms everywhere. The African nations have failed to give positive response to the ability that’s inherent in them and in their territories.

Hardly will you see the European countries call on African nations for aid or assistance on its economic issues. This is because they know it’s their responsibility to make their economy palatable.

Personal change equals to National change, and until we begin to see things clearly and approach our problems from another point of view, we are not moving anywhere near our promise land.

There are raw, untapped, diversified materials embedded in Africans. We are people of great intellect. It is time to cultivate these treasures.
The task of Nation building is the collective responsibility of all and we all need to play our part to build our nations. Castigating and casting blames on the government won’t solve anything!

Only if we can work on our value systems and integrity can we see a new Africa surface.

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Samuel Adeosun

Samuel Adeosun Founder (DHM)

SAMUEL Adeosun is a dynamic purpose driven youth. He has been called and ordained to raise and train exceptional leaders from different professions and fields of life via the Kingdom Message. Samuel is a Teen Mentor, spiritual neurologist, spiritual therapist, a writer and a speaker that's passionate about the fruitfulness of seeds in every youth.


    December 6, 2018 #1 Author

    Are u humiliated by what you found on social media? Someone said the way serving corps post pictures online is intimidating. Why you are here, your friends are there? Those you gained admission together had gone to service? Colleagues, age mates are married and some are nursing mothers and fathers? You felt you are cheated upon for the delay your school run you through? Those mates of ours with whom we gained admission together are at service. Let me explain a scenario to you, when I was in year two, before industrial training, someone whom I left at home gained admission to study five years course, marcariously, she is done and now post to service. Another scenario, is those whom I thought I would have been working before they complete their program at their institution are in third year. Being younger of age, I have a pre-planned age I should be done with my polytechnic institution. Well all made such plans, and had plans for our life.
    It all happened in the space of one year, have been challenged by people around me, someone said to me when I finished my HND2 Harmattan semester, which eventual falls into, become (or both) rain semester, YOU HAVE BUT ONE SEMESTER TO GO. It was like a needle hit on my head, I retired into my closet and introspect the saying, I didn’t complained why those plans were not working or didn’t work out, but I ask myself WHILE WAITING WHAT AM I DOING.
    Have discovered that many brilliant students, are not brilliant person. Many intelligent student are not intelligent as a person. Many active student are snail personality. The best topper of class are best loser or failure in term of personality, Bill Gates said, I read everything to become the top, but I didn’t, but the best toppers of the best universities are those that work under me, I am a developer, they are operators. If you can’t make it good at least make it look good. The distinctive measure between a Person and a Student is what happened between Bill Gates and it’s Operators, and that is what our economy demands, it is what you can do, not what you have done. Start Something Salty!
    Though many are in the labour market already, while many are hustling through the hurdles and affairs of life, while many are going as amateur into system, but I believe there is much more to do than that, and more to know about what you’re doing now, and what you will do…
    Your worth is not determined by your grade, though it’s very good, but not in system where every individual have the mind-set of the prevailing corruption in every sector of system. Opportunities abound around us to utilise, many of those who went for service are not going to be acknowledge for serving, most are etcetera along with others. Live like the person you are to become, not like the student you won’t forever be. Graduate out of you studentship or it will graduate out of you and left you alone to startled. Studentship is a state, not a way of life. Studentship is “Carnival” in the space of another six months it is gone, Have You Graduated?
    Marcarios- the only language everyone want to hear and the event we all desire it happen, this wouldn’t happen if nothing is done. If anything should be challenging, issues of life should be enough. Self-discovery should not be question startle to answer at this point of life. Nothing should bring about right thinking, common sense is available, and tears to eyes should be the recollection of years wasted doing nothing. NYSC is not the final destination, cognitive should make that know. If at this stage, so comfortable with the penny from parent, certainly, you need to get into the womb and be born again.
    The truth of the matter is, if you are living for yourself, you’re bound to fall, but once you know it’s all about God in JESUS CHRIST, you’re riding on a safe journey, knowing Christ is knowing yourself. I call you to a Relationship with JESUS FOR A BETTER FUTURE.

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