Erasing The Mindset of Impossibilities Erasing The Mindset of Impossibilities
Many years back, when I wanted to start my secondary school education, my parents proposed in their heart to send me to a popular... Erasing The Mindset of Impossibilities

Many years back, when I wanted to start my secondary school education, my parents proposed in their heart to send me to a popular boarding school in Lagos state, but thinking about the financial capability of my parents, I thought within myself, “That’s Impossible!”
….and guess what? Truthfully, it was impossible! 
I finished my secondary school and was processing universities. My mother loved me to study Nursing, because she used to be a Nurse while my dad loved me to study Medicine. I smiled within myself and concluded that I don’t want to waste any more time at home again, thinking it’s only those who have cash and “long leg” that can do such course which can’t make it work out, even though I personally loved Medicine (Oh my negativity thinking!)
Thus, I chose Biochemistry at Funaab, formerly called Unaab, I passed the cut off mark but I wasn’t chosen. Only God knows why.
But one thing is that, I’ve limited myself by seeing Impossibilities!
Eight years ago (2010), I then gained admission to a Federal College, which changed my dream of studying Biochemistry to Computer Science (which I definitely love now) .
Around 2011, I met with some friends of mine who were currently studying Physics as at that time, and told them I would like to build a Dark Detector System, that will emit light once it’s late at night. My aim was to build the system to help children in the rural areas especially, to enjoy reading with less stress rather than using kerosene lamps and so on
We started the project, but along the way, some issues occurred which sap down my zeal, I got discouraged after building a small one that served as a testproof of ability!
The discouragement I got, makes it Impossible to achieve what I could have used to make a change!
2013, I got involved in school politics and I was the shortest, I mean the shortest of them all (The Executives).
I never knew I’m different not because I was short, but because I possess something which I know not.
Selected ones among us, including the president, were chosen to travel to Ogbomosho for some crucial assignments / proposals with the Dean, student affairs. On getting there, I was summoned to give a 30 minutes impromptu seminar talk on Empowerment
“A whole 30 minutes” I screamed! And started crying within

That was not the first time I’ll be facing the crowd of course, and if I’ve never delivered a speech before, at least I’ve delivered that of a manifesto speech before I emerged to my office. But I thought within myself why the president was not chosen and why I have to bear the consequence of struggling with what to say in an impromptu speech as this.
Thoughts of Impossibilities started swimming across my heart!
I had no choice because I know I can’t reject it, that will definitely have a negative effect on me when we get back to school and will be interpreted as incompetency or inferiority.
I mounted the stage, yet I was blank.. Chai… _(I started weeping and shivering within!) 🤣🤣
But behold, as I opened my mouth, the Lord filled it, the inspiration started coming. I started seeing possibilities. And that was how I delivered the speech that awarded my school as the BEST among the other schools that came for what we went there for
This led to how I began delivering public speeches, impacting, becoming brave and seeing possibilities!

Your purpose in life has a significant correlation to your success in achieving goals. When you know what your purpose is in life, everything you do from that point forward that is directly related to your purpose has value and meaning.
With all the information out there on setting goals and achieving success, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the information available. I, too, was overwhelmed with everything I read and needed to devise a method for my own success. That’s when I came up with the VI-DEW method of setting and achieving goals.
I’m sure you have heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. I tried them and understood the concept which was extremely helpful by demonstrating how to write my goals down on paper.
However, I was missing some key components that helped me define what my goals should be, and how I was going to reach those goals. That’s when I developed the VI-DEW to Success method.
V ~ Visualize Success
I ~ Immediate Action
D ~ Dream Big!
E ~ Empower Yourself
W ~ Write It Down

V – Visualize success.(🆚)
Have your dreams and goals visible to you everyday so you can be constantly reminded of what you want in life. Again, out of sight – out of mind, so know what you want and visualize it daily. ‼
I – Immediate action.
Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Procrastination is our enemy. Take action and do it now.
D – Dream Big!
What we want, we can have. So if your dreams are small, you will get small things. If you are going to dream, dream big so big things begin to happen.
E – Empower yourself.
We all need to be empowered, but we must also learn to empower ourselves. Accepting responsibility for our own destiny and achieving our goals is empowering. When we allow others to steal our dreams, we risk giving in to our own negative self-talk and self-destructive behavior.
W – Write it down.
You must write down your intentions. Unless you write down your goals, you will probably not achieve them. Remember, out of sight – out of mind.

Success comes from creating daily positive habits that contribute to your success. Doing something every day toward your goals will only create success that much faster.
Do your own duty instead of trying to do the duties of others.
If you do not focus yourself on your own duties but try to be interested in the duties of others and interfere in them, you soon lose the opportunity to have roots. You become rootless. You see many rootless plants carried here and there by the wind
Doing your own duty creates roots. What are roots? …Stability, focus, concentration, sense of responsibility.
Your glory will start from that moment of realization of your Purpose, and you will enter into the path of success.
People who change their goals often and run after new goals without accomplishing their former goals and achieving their “purpose” eventually turn their back on their purpose.
They often hate it and become enemies of those who have a similar purpose. Those who are frustrated become the traitors of those who show signs of having a similar purpose to their own.
A person who was changing his church every year eventually told me that all churches were useless. Another person who was changing his political ideology every six months came to the conclusion that all ideologies were nonsense. I heard of a person who was reading every kind of book eventually gave away all his two thousand books.
The reason for all this is that such people have never touched the essence of the things they tried, or they were not ready yet for studies which they wanted to master.
Too much undigested food makes the stomach reject all kinds of food.‼
Often we need the weaker parts of ourselves in order to accomplish what we desire. If you feel stuck in an unsatisfying job because you are averse to risk-taking, work on building up your courage. If you struggle with time management and don’t have time to add volunteer responsibilities you’re interested in, work on your organizational skills and start small with just an hour every other week.
STOP seeing Impossibilities and START seeing possibilities! Don’t ever settle for the less. You have something in you, make it BIG, BURN IT UP!
Our Lord Jesus Christ himself is a purpose driven man, who came to this world to fulfil Divine Mandate and after completing it on the cross of calvary, he said,” it is finished!” ✝
This symbolizes possibility and positivity.
If then you’re sure of your sonship in Christ, why will you remain the way you are?
Dare to be different, dare to excel, dare to seize moments, dare to Visualize success, dare to make a paradigm shift in this world, dare to see possibilities!
“That’s Impossible! ~ Oh no, I can’t do it! ~ Why should I care about others? ~ What! How do you expect me to achieve that? ~ I’m too young to fulfil my purpose! ~ Oh no, I’m just a Child! ~ C’mon, it’s too late for me to start!” ––– Are these your excuses for remaining dormant?
Are you contended with your present state? How long are you going to stay fixed to that point of mediocrity?
I’m telling you now to kill EXCUSES and deliver RESULTS!
Here’s Why You Keep On Resisting Your Life Purpose
1. Life purpose is the continuum that underpins and stabilizes the fluctuations of your personality and circumstances. …
2. Life purpose is not just passion though passion may fuel your life purpose. …
3. Life purpose is easily derailed through cultural, social, and familial conditioning. …
4. Your Life Purpose Is Not Your Ego.

Stop seeing Impossibilities and start making move to fulfil your purpose in life!
“Beautiful moments are not just measured by the comfort of your couch nor the breeze at the beach, but by the joy that comes in recognizing the beauty of your dream, creating a self-worth and attaining what seems impossible!” ~ Oluwaseyifunmi Olamide Akinbamire
Thank you

Olamide O’Seyifunmi Akinbamire

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